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10 Best Pumpkin Patches In Las Vegas

Vibrant Halloween decorations and props at the Cosmic Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas.

1. Cosmic Pumpkin Patch: Claiming the top spot, the Cosmic Pumpkin Patch is not only a unique and enchanting experience but might also be the largest pumpkin patch in the valley. With its cosmic-themed decorations, glowing pumpkins, and captivating lighting, it offers a truly magical atmosphere. Additionally, this year, they are featuring the impressive 2000 sq ft Undead Maze haunted house, adding an extra thrilling element to your visit. Prices and additional activities may vary.

Colorful Halloween-themed rides and attractions at the Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas

2. Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch: Celebrating Halloween for over 20 years, Halloween Town offers three locations in Las Vegas. Enjoy vintage-themed rides, including a giant inflatable slide, and explore the city's largest pumpkin patch. Admission is $20 per person and includes 25 tickets for various activities.

Families picking pumpkins at the Gilcrease Orchards Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas.

3. Gilcrease Orchard: Located in the desert, Gilcrease Orchard is a U-Pick farm where you can handpick pumpkins directly from the vine. They also offer apple cider, donuts, and a variety of other produce. Open on select days, they charge between $1.50 and $2 per item taken home.

Thrilling corn maze adventure at Moapa Valley's Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas

4. Moapa Valley Maze and Pumpkin Patch: Worth the drive, Moapa Valley offers a range of fall activities for the whole family. Enjoy a corn maze, petting zoo, pig races, and a pumpkin patch. Entry to the corn maze is $12, and you can pick pumpkins for 50 cents per pound.

Happy children exploring the pumpkin patch at McKee Ranch in Las Vegas

5. McKee Ranch: At McKee Ranch, immerse yourself in Western-style decor and enjoy a pumpkin patch, petting zoo with various animals, and activities like hayrides and a hay pyramid. The entrance fee is $20 per family, including a pumpkin.

Children enjoying pony rides and corn mazes at The Las Vegas Farm's Fall Harvest Festival.

6. The Las Vegas Farm: The annual Farm Fall Harvest Festival at The Las Vegas Farm offers a fun-filled experience with a cow train, pony rides, corn mazes, and a pumpkin patch. Admission is $8 per adult and $4 per child, with additional charges for activities.

Families picking pumpkins and exploring the corn maze at Staheli Family Farm's pumpkin patch in Las Vegas.

7. Staheli Family Farm: With a beautiful pumpkin patch, corn maze, giant chair, zip line, and pig races, Staheli Family Farm provides a day of entertainment. They also host music festivals and live bands throughout the year.

Exciting attractions and pumpkin patches at Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas.

8. Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch: Visit Seasonal Adventures for pumpkin patches of all shapes, sizes, colors, and tastes. Enjoy free entry to the patch, which includes a bungee jump, electronic rides, games, an animal petting zoo, and an inflatable jumping house. Tickets for rides and attractions have separate fees.

Spooky ambiance and thrilling scares at The Undead Maze haunted house in Las Vegas.

9. The Undead Maze: Experience scares at The Undead Maze, which features an adult haunted maze and a pumpkin patch with pre-picked pumpkins. Cash payment is required, and there's also a hay maze for children.

Freshly harvested pumpkins and fall produce at the Farmers Market pumpkin patch in Las Vegas.

10. Las Vegas Farmers Market on Rampart: While not a traditional pumpkin patch, this market offers gathered vegetables and pre-picked produce, including pumpkins. Take a break at the picnic area and enjoy the fall ambiance.

Remember to check the latest updates and details for each pumpkin patch before visiting.

In conclusion, Las Vegas offers a variety of pumpkin patches that cater to different preferences and interests. Whether you're seeking a spooky Halloween experience or a serene autumn atmosphere, these pumpkin patches have something for everyone.

From the enchanting Cosmic Pumpkin Patch, which may boast the largest pumpkin patch in the valley, to the longstanding Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch with its vintage-themed rides, there are options to suit all tastes. Don't forget about the Gilcrease Orchard, where you can handpick your own pumpkins straight from the vine, or the Moapa Valley Maze and Pumpkin Patch, offering a range of family-friendly activities.

For those looking for a Western-style adventure, McKee Ranch provides a memorable experience with its pumpkin patch and petting zoo. The Las Vegas Farm and Staheli Family Farm both offer fun-filled festivals with corn mazes, pony rides, and more. Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch offers a variety of pumpkin shapes and sizes, along with additional attractions like bungee jumps and an animal petting zoo.

If you're in the mood for a scare, consider visiting The Undead Maze, where you can explore a haunted maze and find pre-picked pumpkins. Lastly, the Las Vegas Farmers Market on Rampart provides an opportunity to purchase pre-picked produce and enjoy the fall beauty in a relaxed picnic area.

No matter which pumpkin patch you choose, you're sure to create lasting memories and find the perfect pumpkin for your seasonal festivities. So, venture out to these pumpkin patches in Las Vegas, immerse yourself in the vibrant fall landscapes, and enjoy all the exciting activities they have to offer.


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